Apple's CarPlay, Google Glass, Android on Nokia X

Episode 10 · March 7th, 2014 · 19 mins 46 secs

About this Episode

Episode 10 of the Xamarin Podcast discusses some of the latest news from Apple, upgrading Google Glass, Nokia X shipping with Xamarin.Android applications, Portable Class Library videos and more. As always, you can see the links we mention on show below, or see the links inline on the SoundCloud file.

Recorded by ChrisNTR & Pierce Boggan, Edited by Mike James.
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Apple CarPlay -
TestFlight Owner Burstly Acquired By Apple -
Google Glass updates slow down ahead of KitKat upgrade -
Get Scanning With Google Glass -
The easiest way to build Native iOS UI -
Using Portable Class Libraries with Xamarin -
Using Portable Class Libraries in iOS and Android Apps -
Portable Class Library Tips and Tricks -
Nokia X Platform overview -
Nokia X – HERE for C# developers with Xamarin -
Bringing MixRadio to the new Nokia X family -
Use Nokia X HERE Maps with Xamarin.Android -
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Introduction to iOS Programming in C# (Seattle Mobile .NET March 2014) -
Autohide Navigation Bar -
Days Until Xmas on Android -
Days Until Xmas source code on GitHub -
Baby Steps with Xamarin on Android -
In-Memory Bitmap Caching with Xamarin.Android: Part 1, An Overview -